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Ebook How To Pay Zero Taxes, 2018: Your Guide To Every Tax Break The Irs Allows | Epub

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    How to Pay Zero Taxes, 2018:
    Your Guide to Every Tax Break the IRS Allows
    by Jeff A. Schnepper
    2017 | Taxation > Personal | ePub | 81.5 Mb
    You earned it, you keep it! The #1 guide to paying less to the IRS every year.

    For more than three decades, How to Pay Zero Taxes has been helping people like you make tax time less draining, on both your emotions and your finances. You can save more money than you ever imagined when you have the right information―and that’s exactly what tax expert Jeff Schnepper provides. This engagingly written guide makes even most complex information easy to understand, delivering valuable advice on everything from converting personal expenses into business deductions to avoiding (or surviving) an audit.

    Fully updated for 2018, How to Pay Zero Taxes covers all the latest tax changes. You'll learn how to take advantage of IRS-sanctioned deductions, shelters, credits, exemptions, and more. Plus, you'll find hundreds of insider tips designed to lower your tax bill. Whether you're a tax professional or a home filer, this book will help you pay less to the IRS this year-and every year.

    Focus on what matters most: tax saving, not tax preparation. How to Pay Zero Taxes provides everything you need to know about:

    * New tax laws―including surcharges on earned and unearned income
    * Exemptions, credits, and exclusions
    * Special capital gains and dividends rules
    * Increased IRA and retirement plan limits
    * Job hunting and relocation expenses
    * Theft and casualty losses
    * Child care and elder care
    * Educational and Roth IRAs

    Title Page
    Copyright Page
    Chapter 1 Tax Insanity
    Chapter 2 Is It Legal?
    Chapter 3 How Our Tax System Works
    Chapter 4 Exclusions—Tax-Free Money
    A Alternatives to “Earned Income”
    1. Hospitalization Premiums
    2. Group Life Insurance Premiums
    3. Group Legal Services Plans
    4. Accident and Health Plans
    5. Employee Death Benefits
    6. Merchandise Distributed to Employees on Holidays
    7. “Expenses of Your Employer”
    8. Meals and Lodgings
    9. Employee Discounts
    10. Workers’ Compensation
    11. “Cafeteria” Plans and Flexible Spending Accounts
    12. Dependent Care Assistance Program
    13. Employer Educational Assistance
    14. Employee Awards
    15. Clergy Housing Allowance
    16. Miscellaneous Fringe Benefits
    B Donative Items
    17. Gifts, Bequests, and Inheritances
    18. Scholarships and Fellowships
    19. Prizes and Awards
    20. Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)
    C Investors
    21. Interest on State and Municipal Obligations
    D Benefits for the Elderly
    22. Public Assistance Payments
    23. Social Security and Other Retirement Benefits
    24. Annuities
    25. Sale of Your Home
    E Miscellaneous Individual Exclusions
    26. Carpool Receipts
    27. Damages
    28. Divorce and Separation Arrangements
    29. Life Insurance
    30. Qualified State Tuition (§529) Programs
    31. Your Home—The Mother of All Tax Shelters!
    32. Disabled Veteran Payments
    33. Exclusion of Income for Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Responders
    34. Unemployment Benefits
    35. Homeowner Security
    36. Reimbursed Costs to Parents of Children with Disabilities
    37. Wrongful Conviction and Incarceration
    38. Restitution Payments
    39. Frequent Flier Miles
    40. Hurricane Sandy
    41. Cancellation of Indebtedness
    42. Medicaid Payments for Foster Care of Related Individuals
    43. ABLE Accounts
    F Schedule of Excludable Items
    Chapter 5 Credits—Dollar-for-Dollar Tax Reductions
    A Estimated Tax and Withholding Exemptions
    B Credits
    44. The Earned Income Credit
    45. Excess Social Security Tax
    46. The Child and Dependent Care Credit
    47. Credit for the Elderly or Permanently and Totally Disabled
    C Special Credits
    48. Work Opportunity Credit (Formerly Targeted Jobs Tax Credit)
    49. Welfare to Work Credit
    50. Research Tax Credit
    51. Orphan Drug Tax Credit
    52. Adoption Assistance
    53. Hope Scholarship Credit
    54. American Opportunity Tax Credit
    55. Lifetime Learning Credit
    56. Child Tax Credit
    57. Disability Credits
    58. Health Insurance Credit
    59. Saver’s Credit
    60. Small Employer Credit
    61. Electric Vehicle Credit
    62. Credit for Residential Energy Efficient Property
    63. Energy Saving Home Improvement Credit
    64. Hybrid Vehicles Credit
    65. Telephone Tax Refund
    66. First-Time Home Buyer Credit
    67. “Making Work Pay” Tax Credit
    68. Plug-in Electric Drive Vehicle Credit
    69. Plug-in Electric Vehicle Credit
    70. Conversion Kits
    71. Treatment of Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit as a Personal Credit Allowed against AMT
    72. Small Business Health Insurance Credit
    73. Small Business Health Care Credit
    74. Foreign Tax Credit
    75. The Premium Tax Credit
    Chapter 6 “Above the Line” Deductions
    A Deductions for Adjusted Gross Income
    76. Trade and Business Deductions
    77. Employee Business Expenses of Actors and Other Performing Artists
    78. Employee Business Expenses
    79. Alimony
    80. Interest on Qualified Education Loans
    81. Retirement Plan Payments
    82. Self-Employment Tax
    83. Health Insurance Deduction for Self-Employeds
    84. Moving Expenses
    85. Clean Fuel Vehicles
    86. Deduction for Qualified Higher Education Expenses—Tuition and Fees
    87. Legal Fees
    88. Classroom Materials
    89. Medical Savings Accounts (Archer Medical Savings Accounts)
    90. Health Savings Accounts
    91. Sales Tax Deduction on Motor Vehicles
    Chapter 7 “Below the Line” Deductions
    A The Importance of Filing Status
    B Tax Planning with Itemized Deductions
    92. Medical Expenses
    93. Income Taxes
    94. Real Property Taxes
    95. Personal Property Taxes
    96. Interest
    97. Mortgage Insurance
    98. Charitable Contributions
    99. Casualty Losses
    100. Theft Losses
    101. Miscellaneous Trade and Business Deductions of Employees
    102. Job Loss Insurance
    103. Travel Expenses
    104. Transportation Expenses
    105. Meals and Entertainment Expenses
    106. Gifts
    107. Reimbursable Employee Business Expenses
    108. Educational Expenses
    109. Limit on Itemized Deductions
    C Schedules of Deductions
    110. Medical Deductions
    111. Deductible Taxes
    112. Charitable Deductions
    113. Casualty and Theft Loss Deductions
    114. Miscellaneous Deductions
    115. Employee Miscellaneous Deductions
    116. Investor Deductions
    Chapter 8 Traditional Tax Shelters
    A Deferral and Leverage
    117. Real Estate
    118. Fees in Public Real Estate Partnerships
    119. Oil and Gas
    120. Equipment Leasing
    121. Single-Premium Life Insurance
    122. Cattle Feeding Programs
    123. Cattle Breeding Programs
    124. Tax Straddles
    125. Art Reproduction
    126. Noncash Gift Shelters
    127. Municipal Bond Swaps
    B How to Analyze a Tax Shelter
    128. Getting Out of the Tax Shelter
    129. Master Limited Partnerships
    130. Abusive Shelters
    Chapter 9 Super Tax Shelters
    A Family Shifts
    131. Unearned Income of Minor Children
    132. Outright Gifts
    133. Clifford Trusts
    134. Interest-Free Loans
    135. The Schnepper Shelter: Gift Leasebacks
    136. The Schnepper Deep Shelter
    137. Family Partnerships
    138. Family Trusts
    139. The Schnepper Malagoli Super Shelter
    140. Employing Members of the Family
    141. Author’s Delight
    B Running Your Own Business
    142. Your Home
    143. Your Car
    144. Meals and Entertainment
    145. Travel and Vacation
    146. Gifts
    147. Advertising
    148. Deductible Clothes
    149. Creative Deductions—Busting the IRS
    150. Medical Premiums
    151. Borrowing from Your Company
    152. Miscellaneous Corporate Advantages
    Chapter 10 Investment Planning to Save Taxes
    153. Short Sales
    154. Broad-Based Index Options and Regulated Futures Contracts (RFCs)
    155. Wash Sales
    156. Premiums on Taxable and Tax-Exempt Bonds
    157. Original Issue Discount (OID)—Taxable Bonds
    158. Original Issue Discount (OID)—Tax-Exempt Bonds
    159. Market Discount
    160. Municipal Bond Swaps
    161. Employee Options—Nonqualified
    162. Incentive Stock Options
    163. Year-End Stock Sales
    164. Fund Strategies
    165. Dividends
    166. Tax-Exempt Income
    167. Old Prices
    168. Alternative Minimum Tax for Individuals
    169. U.S. Savings Bond Exclusion
    170. Madoff Losses
    171. Collars—Tax Free Lock in Your Gain
    Chapter 11 Last-Minute Tax Planning
    172. Defer Taxes
    173. Accelerate Expenses
    174. Accelerate Special Deductions
    175. Dependents and Personal Exemptions
    176. Phase-out of Exemptions
    177. Timing Strategies
    178. Retirement Plans
    179. Individual Retirement Plans (IRAs)
    180. H.R. 10 or Keogh Plans
    181. Marital Status
    182. The Goldinger Deferral
    Chapter 12 The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001
    183. Marginal Rate Reductions
    A Individual Income Tax Rate Structure
    B Phase-out of Restrictions on Personal Exemptions
    C Phase-out of Itemized Deductions
    184. Tax Benefits Relating to Children
    A Increase and Expand the Child Tax Credit
    B Extension and Expansion of Adoption Tax Benefits
    C Child Care Credit
    185. Marriage Penalty Relief Provisions
    A Standard Deduction Marriage Penalty Relief
    B Expansion of the 15 Percent Rate Bracket for Married Couples Filing Joint Returns
    C Marriage Penalty Relief and Simplification Relating to the Earned Income Credit
    186. Education Incentives
    A Modifications to Education IRAs
    B Private Prepaid Tuition Programs; Exclusion from Gross Income of Education Distributions from Qualified Tuition Programs
    C Exclusion for Employer-Provided Educational Assistance
    D Modifications to Student Loan Interest Deduction
    E Eliminate Tax on Awards Under the National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program and the F. Edward Hebert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program
    F Deduction for Qualified Higher Education Expenses
    187. Pension and Individual Retirement Arrangement Provisions
    188. AMT Relief
    189. Health Insurance for Self-Employed
    190. Income Tax Treatment of Certain Restitution Payments to Holocaust Victims
    191. Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Provisions
    A Phase-out and Repeal of Estate and Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxes; Increase in Gift Tax Unified Credit Effective Exemption
    B Expand Estate Tax Rule for Conservation Easements
    C Modify Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Rules
    D Availability of Installment Payment Relief
    192. Sunset
    Chapter 13 The Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002
    193. Bonus Depreciation
    194. Net Operating Losses
    195. Classroom Materials
    196. Electric Vehicle Credit
    197. Work Opportunity Tax Credit
    198. Welfare to Work Tax Credit
    199. Archer Medical Savings Account
    200. Liberty Zone Benefits
    Chapter 14 The Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003
    A Rate Reductions
    B The Marriage Penalty
    C The Alternative Minimum Tax
    D Child Tax Credit
    E Dividends/Capital Gains
    F Deduct Your SUV—Election to Expense
    Chapter 15 Income Averaging and Hurricane Tax Breaks
    Chapter 16 2006 Tax Reform
    A The Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005
    B The Pension Protection Act of 2006
    C Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006
    Chapter 17 Tax Reform, 2007–2008
    A The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007
    B The New Debt Relief Act
    C The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
    D The Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Act of 2008
    E The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
    Chapter 18 2009 Tax Changes
    201. “Making Work Pay” Tax Credit
    202. Reducing the COBRA Bite
    203. First-Time Home Buyer Credit Expanded
    204. American Opportunity Tax Credit
    205. Energy Credits
    206. Plug-in Electric Drive Vehicle Credit
    207. Plug-in Electric Vehicle Credit
    208. Conversion Kits
    209. Treatment of Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit as a Personal Credit Allowed Against AMT
    210. AMT Patch
    211. Earned Income Credit
    212. Child Tax Credit
    213. Section 529 Plans
    214. Unemployment Benefits
    215. Qualified Transportation Benefits
    216. Estimated Taxes
    217. Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
    218. Business Depreciation
    219. NOL Carrybacks
    Chapter 19 More Tax Changes
    A The Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act of 2010
    B The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
    C Small Business Jobs Act of 2010
    D The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010
    E American Tax Relief Act of 2012
    F Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014
    G The ABLE Act
    H More Changes
    Chapter 20 How to Avoid/Survive an IRS Audit
    Appendix A Cost Recovery/Depreciation
    Appendix B Business Use of “Listed Property”
    Appendix C Auto Leases

    About the Author
    Jeff A. Schnepper, Esq., is the leading authority on finance and taxation. He has written multiple tax books, including all 34 previous editions of How to Pay Zero Taxes. He is a financial, tax, and legal advisor for Estate Planning of Delaware Valley and operates a tax, accounting, and legal practice in Cherry Hill, NJ. Schnepper was Microsoft's MSN MONEY tax expert, an economics editor for USA Today, and tax counsel for Haran, Watson & Company.

    Download: How to Pay Zero Taxes, 2018 | | ePub | 81.5 Mb |

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