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Educational Php: Object-oriented Programming By Lynda.com | Wmv

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by mukul, Oct 26, 2017. Replies: 1 | Views: 167

  1. mukul

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    Lynda - Object-Oriented Programming with PHP
    English | Skill Level: Intermediate | 1h 57m Duration

    Most modern programming languages, such as Java, C#, Ruby, and Python, are object-oriented languages, which help group individual bits of code into a complex and coherent application. However, object-orientation itself is not a language; it's simply a set of ideas and concepts.

    Let Simon Allardice introduce you to the terms—words like abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, subclass—and guide you through defining your requirements and identifying use cases for your program. The course also covers creating conceptual models of your program with design patterns, class and sequence diagrams, and unified modeling language (UML) tools, and then shows how to convert the diagrams into code.

    Buy This Course From Lynda.com

    Topics include:
    Why use object-oriented design (OOD)?
    Pinpointing use cases, actors, and scenarios
    Identifying class responsibilities and relationships
    Creating class diagrams
    Using abstract classes
    Working with inheritance
    Creating advanced UML diagrams
    Understanding object-oriented design principles

    00. Introduction

    01 Welcome
    02 Using the exercise files
    03 Understanding what you should know
    01. Introduction to Object oriented programming
    01 What is an object
    02 What is a class
    03 Why should you use object-oriented programming
    04 The history of object-oriented PHP
    02. Creating First Object
    01 Defining a class
    02 Defining class properties
    03 Creating a method and exploring object context with $this
    04 Instantiating an object and accessing its contents
    05 Specifying the visibility scope
    03. Overloading With Magic Method
    01 What is a magic method, and do I need one
    02 Overloading property access
    03 Customizing object construction
    04 Standardizing object rendering as a string
    04. Accessing Classes without Instantiation
    01 Using the static keyword
    02 Leveraging scope resolution operators
    03 Setting constant values
    04 Avoiding static method pitfalls
    05 Creating a database class
    05. Class Relationships and Interactions
    01 Extending your class
    02 Abstracting classes
    03 Sharing interfaces using polymorphism
    04 Overriding methods, properties, and constants
    05 Cloning and comparing objects
    06 Referencing objects
    06. Built-In PHP Objects
    01 Leveraging standard class objects
    02 Retrieving objects from the database
    03 Error handling with exceptions
    04 Customizing PHP exceptions
    07. Designs patterns
    01 Identifying the singleton pattern
    02 Using the factory method pattern
    03 Implementing a strategy pattern
    08. Conclusion
    01 Looking forward to namespaces
    02 Next steps
    03 Goodbye
    Exercise Files
    About the Author

    Jon Peck is a software architect, engineer, consultant, and trainer.
    Specializing in large media properties, his clients have included publications such as Entertainment Weekly and Successful Farming. He's passionate about open-source software, including code and project contributions within the Node.js and Drupal communities. His presentations at open-source conferences across North America have included topics such as site and code quality auditing, performance optimization, and architectural best practices. Jon can be found on the internet as fluxsauce.

    Download: PHP: Object-Oriented Programming by Lynda.com | WMV
    | Here

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  2. abdullah

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    great share.

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