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Ebook The Day My Brain Exploded (true Story) By Ashok Rajamani | Pdf

Discussion in 'EBook' started by mukul, Dec 7, 2017. Replies: 0 | Views: 55

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    The Day My Brain Exploded
    By Ashok Rajamani
    2013 | A True Story | Pdf | 818 kb

    Author’s Note
    It has been said that all it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest person to insanity. There’s some truth to this. But the saying is not totally correct. A bad day, to put it mildly, happened to me over a decade ago: my brain exploded. This was a detonation that affected not only my brain, but how I perceived the world around me. Yet it never reduced me to complete lunacy. Rather, it introduced me to a strength within, complete with the perseverance and dedication to live once again. I have my parents to thank for these qualities; not only did they raise me to be resilient, but also to be proud: proud of my cultural heritage, proud of my family, and proud of myself and
    my achievements. Fortunately, I got a strong intellect from them as well, along with a determination to succeed. All of that has kept me resolute as I struggled through the events you will learn about in this memoir.
    Strength and determination are what I needed to overcome the effects of that day. It also took humor, in part anyway, to diffuse the anger and pain that I felt at what fate
    had handed me. I believe that the worst part of this ongoing experience is happily behind me, and that I have a shiny new life to look forward to. True, what I went through was terrible, and true, I wasn’t always patient with those around me. But I
    realize now, looking back, I am one of the luckiest people alive, and in telling my story I am hoping to give a voice to others who were not so fortunate.
    Every day, dozens of people suffer from brain injury; many die, and many who live are able to function only at the mercy of devoted caregivers. I, on the other hand, now live on my own, moving among the rest of the world as though there was nothing truly wrong. Able also to write this book so that those who have suffered brain injury can, along with their caregivers, see how important it is to not give up. As I say, I am one of the lucky ones, and so I will spend the rest of this life I have been given in trying to make a difference. But with a sense of humor, of course; I still cherish my

    Author’s Note xi
    Prologue: 2011 1
    Cum and Precum: 2000, 1983 5
    Aftermath: 2003–2004 12
    Peanut Curry: 1974 24
    The Day My Brain Exploded: 2000 (I) 28
    Nonbloody Events of the Day: 2000 (II ) 36
    Grudge Match: Krisnha v. Jesus: 1974–1989 45
    The Incarceration, Part One: 2000 (III ) 54
    Not The First Time in Jail: 1989–1992 70
    The Incarceration, Part Two: 2000 (IV) 82
    Formatting Ashok Version 2.0: 2000 (V) 96
    Jeepers Creepers,
    Where’d You Get Those Peepers: 2000 (VI) 123
    AVM Wha . . . ?: 2000 (VII ) 134
    Drunk with Success: 1992–2000 138
    Big Apple Core: 2000–2001 148
    Time to Bloom: 2001 165
    Just When You Thought the Worst Was Over: 2002 176
    I Sing the Body Electric: 2002–Present 186
    Through the Looking Glass: 2003–Present 199
    Hermit Spiral: 2004 213
    Lazarusness: 2004–Present 221
    Brain Karma: 1974–___ 232
    No Pity Required, Just Fresh Breath: Present (I) 235
    Becoming How the Brain Became: Present (II ) 243

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    The Day My Brain Exploded By Ashok Rajamani | Pdf | 818 kb |

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